Born in Korea, and raised in Rochester, NY, Sue Rissberger graduated from SUNY Binghamton where she studied psychology and sociology. Her international work and background in the social sciences inform her creative vision and is a strong source of content for her conceptual projects. Sue’s work with communities in Ireland, refugees on the Thai-Burma border, and students in Korea is reflected in her approach and choice of subject matter as she emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with those before the lens. The issues she chooses to document stem from the formative experiences she had with communities abroad, and the skills she gained from living outside of the familiar. Sue is a visual artist based in Brooklyn. She is available for assignment and welcomes project collaboration.


I am a visual storyteller. I strive to create images that engage and open up dialogue between people who appear the same and those who are very different. It is my belief that photography expresses emotion, fact, and opinion, and the response to a photograph can impart wisdom, courage, and curiosity. I photograph the psychological and cultural components of the human condition, and thread together these expressions and responses to create a conversation about and between communities that are local, and those that are known only to people through books and visual aids. It is my hope to learn something from these experiences, as well as inspire those involved to learn more about their community. My images of people, places and their belongings are visual cues that aim to generate questions, establish relationships, and inspire the observer to cogitate on broader concepts of home, identity, race, and culture. The visual stories that emerge as a result are meant to be a source for dialogue where modern thought can be discussed and challenged, and where conversations can evolve as cultures change.

Sue can be reached at susan.rissberger[at]gmail.com.